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Letter: New political party in Balochistan

Newly established political party with the name of Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) has been launched on Thursday, 29. The invasion of this political party has been set-up by collusion of PML-N, PML-Q and independent group of senators for a slot in Balochistan in imminent general elections 2018, but the launch of new political party is revealing many disclosures behind it.

It is claimed that the formation of the new political party is not a traditional coalition but the need of time in Balochistan. It is also claimed that Balochistan Awami Party has brought the legislators and group of senators under one umbrella, opposing many other parties those had been launched with an aim to protect rights of Balochistan but could not remain   influential for more than a decade and have faded with time. Launching of a political party in the names of tradition, culture or uniqueness and nation’s pride has fallen down into the trap of name and fame.

Like-minded politicians from Balochistan have strengthened themselves for the unprecedented history coalition. The launch of BAP is not a premiere bizarre action but also a remaking and repainting the colours of political up and down. The cause behind the formation of BAP is displeasure from the leaders of various political parties.

Outpouring politicians from Balochistan are on the way to make a petty manifesto for the party to fill that void which is need of time. Prominent lawmakers, statesman and independent senators are ready to envisage terrorism strategies in Balochistan. People from Balochistan are an advocate of their feudal politicians from 3 to 4 decades which is a bitter truth. They should destine the way of prosperity in their entire province by the democratic way of voting.

Newly born BAP will need time to be proved faithful. If the predetermined rights of Balochistan are not to be fulfilled then BAP’s office bearers will be implicated in the maze of political-entrapment and hopes from Balochistan. Formation of BAP may be proved a physiological trick for the people of Balochistan.

Jafar Mastoi

Published in The Balochistan Point on April 1, 2018

 Disclaimer: Views expressed in this letter are those of the author and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them.

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