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Letter: Turbat lacks internet facility

I am writing to awaken the concerned authorities who are in deep slumber. Turbat being the second biggest city of Balochistan lacks internet facilities. Since last year the data service which was launched months before that stopped functioning and since then no initiative was taken to tackle this problem.

Internet is the top most priority in today’s times wether be it a student, worker or businessman all of our works are connected to internet. The university students too are having problems to complete their projects due to lack of internet as well as the college and school students.

The other cities in Pakistan have internet facilities but Turbat and some other cities are deprived of this facility.

It seems like the concerned authorities are slumbering and expecting the problem to fix on its own. The authorities should take immediate steps to launch data service in Turbat as soon as possible

Maham Yaseen Baloch, Turbat.

Published in The Balochistan Point on June 3, 2018

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