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A glaring attempt to formulate Balochistan into Wasirstan

By Zareef Gul Baloch 

Since the dawn of Baluchistan it has critically been deprived of both male and female education sector and it has been constantly confronting with numerous other impediments before the emergence of this terrorist group, whereas the Baloch have always been secular in terms of giving equally the authority of the attainment of education to their male and female individuals”.

Baloch nation has always given priority to educate their males and females, keeping in mind the educational emancipation their patriarchy with the strict cultural and national rules.

Since for this national remedial measure it has been striving very hard to sprawl the eternal beams of education on their terribly retarded framework of society but Baloch nation has been disproportionately confronting with many numerous hurdles. However, historically, there is no denial of their bravery that with strong determination they have always devoted themselves to the eradication of the baseless impediments in the way of either their educational, national and constitutional rights. In true sense, they have never backed down by any manner of means to resist any brutalities or such relevant hurdles.

As it is of recent news that an underground extremist religious group, Jamat-ul-islamia-alfurqan, has threatened the private and public School administrators of Panjgur, a south-western district of Baluchistan, in order to forcefully abandon imparting western education to the Baloch female students whereas the yet unknown Islamist radical group also posed deadly threats in shape of an issued Pamphlet to all the English medium as well as co-educational institutions in Panjgur. According to their issued pamphlet the European or co-education is prohibited in Islam and branding it as being contrary to the jurisprudence of Islamic laws “thus if anyone didn’t abide by the Islamic laws we would regard them as the enemy of Islam and as a result they would  have to embrace all the consequences relatively” threatened the issued Pamphlet.

In addition to that it is of much contemplation to know that geographically, from the western side Panjgur adjoins the vast Iranian borderline within a journey of an hour people can easily step on the land of Iran as well as after seeing the emergence of such an extremist religious group first time in the history of Baluchistan.

As being a rational human one would certainly ask questions such as: Is it an internal party or an external party trying to use the name of Islam politically in order to keep the secular Baloch males and females away from the attainment of modern education? A totally rational answer would reveal the story and all the baloney behind it. If we rationally name this group an affiliated religious group which emanated from one of the branches of the Afghan or Iranian Islamists. So, it would be totally wrong to say that because the Panjgur district which is totally full of the camps of security personnel esp. frontier corps are there active 24/7 in order to eliminate the anti-government groups from the four canners so it is very impossible for an external extremist group to enter panjgur without being seen by the frontier corps. The below confusing and suspicious questions always lead a truth-seeker to an in-depth insight if the security forces are willing to rationally answer them. Given the fact that the government forces are there totally, cordoned off the border areas, so, haven’t they seen them entering the Panjgur district if the extremist group is supposed to be from an external descendant? Or weren’t they present? Anyway, I would not call Jamat-ul-islamia-alfurQan an external extremist religious group nor an eternal homegrown by its own local people who always mind their own business and are totally secular. Inasmuch as so far the Panjgur district is concerned so surely nation-wise, 99.7 percent its residents are only Baloch, and 2% are the frontier corps either they are Phatan or Panjabi. So, since the dawn of Baluchistan, the Baloch nation has never opposed the girl education or it has never worn the cloths of extremist clerics and used the name of Islam in order to stop them from getting present modern education thus we can’t suspect them behind the case.

Now, only 2% existence of Phatans and Punjabis remain in shape of military soldiers i.e Frontier corps in Panjgur in their camps. The statement is totally clear, since we all know that after the enforced and barbaric annexation of Baluchistan in 26th March 1998, till the present day the Baloch masses have been complaining about the atrocities allegedly conducted by the paramilitary forces of state.

Now, it is not wrong to call both of them using the name of Islam in Panjgur by appearing as true followers of Islam and its sharia as a group under the name of Jamat-ul-Islamia-alfurqan, and threatening the Baloch female educational institutions to abandon imparting western education to them.

On the other side of the coin, Panjgur district is also the home to Baloch militants but they have never devised any sort of hindrances in the way of their female education system.

To put it more correctly in words of Banuk Kareema speaking to the BBC Urdu she said that “For the past few years since the Baloch females have been very politically, socially and educationally active in the Baloch struggle movement, so I believe it is none but the planed conspiracies of the state in order to keep the secular Baloch away from the beams of education”.

The ones who are trying to keep the Baloch females in darkness without the blessed light of education in the Baloch society is over all a very cunning enemy of Baloch nation and without any uncertainty, it pretty seems marked to the intellectuality of peaceful and civilized human beings that so far as the Crescent is concerned, 

Islam clearly gives permission to the both genders to seek both worldly and religious education as so far as the demand of the religious extremist group is concerned to make the girls abandon their education, if not, then it would not be all-inclusively and universally wrong to say that all the very misinterpretation of any religion directly leads to extremism and radicalization; during this process even the sanctimonious extremists would impose new laws and regulations under the name of that religion and which is certainly not liked by the God.

If we particularly talk about Islam so it allows equally the male and female regardless of their cast, creed and dialect to acquire both the worldly and religious education. Thus, the conscious accepting of the exclusion of Baloch females’ participation in modern education from the already destitute framework of Baloch retarded milieu would merely means “we ourselves are embracing an eternal source of backwardness to get mired in our primitive indulgence to get lost our identity and to get lost the status of being a nation on earth, before that taking place, let’s realize and firmly stand united to resist the odds”.

Published in The Balochistan Point on May 29, 2014


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