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The Balochistan Point is an online English newspaper from Balochistan, launched on October 16, 2010. The Balochistan Point is an online newspaper and works without any bias towards any race, religion or political ideology. The core values of The Balochistan Point shape up an independent editorial policy for the newspaper. We at The Balochistan Point believe on Objective Journalism and avoid any news item based upon allegation or speculations. Due to our indefatigable effort to disseminate the important and correct news about Balochistan, we aim to be the voice of the nation.

The electronic and print media of Pakistan in general and of Balochistan in particular has failed to highlight the most important issues of Balochistan. Therefore, there is a stronger need than ever for an alternative platform to report the ignored issues about Balochistan. Since, online journalism is economical; we have launched The Balochistan Point to be one such alternative platform.

We stand for human rights, democracy, social and economic justice. The newspaper aims to mirror Balochistan. The volunteers of The Balochistan Point launched it to keep reporting on human rights abuse, political, social and economic issues of Balochistan. Our center of focus is Balochistan but we are not limited to it. We also report on important issues at national level that has implications for the Balochistan province and its people.

The Balochistan Point is an equal Opportunity newspaper. We provide equal coverage to all stakeholders in Balochistan and believe in freedom of press and media. The Balochistan Point encourages young writers and journalists to join online journalism. Therefore, the doors of The Balochistan Point are always open for the aspiring writers from across Pakistan.

The Balochistan Point is the Publishing partner of Global Voices in Balochistan. News Stories of The Balochistan Point are regularly published in Global Voices.

Success Stories

Since its inception in October 2010, Balochistan Point has made a difference though the news stories and opinion articles that have been published in it.

We don’t claim exclusive credit in aforementioned success stories but we did play a major role in each one of them.