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Analysis Of Education In Balochistan

Aimal Salang

As a Japanese scholar said; “If you want to keep a nation into the darkness of ignorance, then snatch the right of education from that nation.”

It will be foolish to talk about education without defining it, which is unclear in Balochistan and people remain confused without knowing the purpose of education. Alongside, a serious question needs to be answered that what are the factors responsible for destroying the society?

It is an easy task to define education; I would like to propose that education is nothing but the name of some skills which are essential to learn to deal with Real-life situations.

For instance, it is a moral value to speak the truth and to teach a child to speak the truth refers to educating him.

On the contrary, in our age remembering facts, having reasonable understanding of some theories proposed by eminent scholars and above all how smartly we tell a lie are the standards for someone to be an educated Icon. How pathetic and shameful is this? Although some text books contain sufficient material which favors the truth yet in practical life those who have read those books tell the lie more efficiently and sophisticatedly than rest of the community. We definitely need to understand and spread what is education.

Historically speaking, Education plays a very important role in the history of nations; it transforms primary values of a society from one generation to other so that the development of civilization may continue. It tends to make students able to deal with real life situations so that they may play their due part in the development of their communities and county. But in our country, unfortunately, books are taught to score excellent grades and to achieve a gold medal so that it may be remembered that someone topped at college or university level with distinction.”

Besides, there is a severe shortage of secondary school teachers and science lecturers. Most schools and colleges lack libraries and laboratory equipment etc.

Ironically, Most of the teachers are selected on the basis of political patronage and Hush Money. Such teachers are more dangerous than the known enemy. They do not educate students rather zombies who become mentally ill and slaves. At same time, most of teachers do not bother to go to schools, as I remembered by asking one friend about his posting, and got the amazing reply that “I do not know” but he was getting salary.

Now the question is what is the solution? Frankly speaking, we need a few genuine educators who will teach us the lessons of honesty. We must raise voice to kick out all fake scholars from our educational institutions which is the prime responsibility of Government.

Author is a Post graduate student of Diplomacy and Strategic Studies in University of the Punjab.

Published in The Balochistan Point on May 25, 2015

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the author and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them.

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