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Baloch Culture Day celebrated at UET Khuzdar

 By: Ubaid Zehri

KHUZDAR: As Baloch culture day is celebrated each year on 2nd March across Balochistan and many parts of the Pakistan with many cultural events.  Similarly, on this 2nd March Baloch Culture Day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm at Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology by the Students, faculty members and administrative officials

A cultural walk was arranged by the Baloch Students Action Committee (BSAC) and Students Action Committee. A large number of Students, faculty members, administrative officers including the Vice Chancellor wearing turbine and Balochi cultural dress participated. .

Addressing the walk, The Vice Chancellor highlighted various features of Baloch culture and its history. “Culture celebration plays a key role in promotion of traditions of a nation. Nations give much importance to their cultures because nations are identified by their cultural traits, values and norms”, said Vice Chancellor.

Moreover, he expressed his said that i am gladness to on organization of Cultural events, seminars, rallies and exhibitions which were arranged on this special day. “I feel pride and pleasure to be among the youth of Baloch on this cultural celebration day.” He added.

 After successful walk, Students along with other staff members moved to Mir Ghos Bakhsh stadium Khuzdar to participate in various cultural activities as invited and  arranged by the District administration Khuzdar.

In addition to this, a Notice issued by the BSAC and Students Action Committee stating that “all arrangements have been made to hold cultural musical night at auditorium of Balochistan UET Khuzdar”

Published in The Balochistan Point on March 2, 2018

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