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 Baloch, the Victim of Drugs

By: Baloch Duktha, Turbat.

There can be several reasons for a person’s inclination toward drugs but disappointment and discontent can be main causes. In Balochistan unfortunately, there is lack of employment. And when it comes to education, most families in Balochistan are somehow facing financial crises, in such situation, when they can’t afford the expenses of education; it becomes hard for them to educate their kids.

Limited education and employment opportunities, contribute a lot when it comes to the use of drugs by the youth. When there is nothing to do and no proper education to prevent one from negative acts, the only way out remains use of drugs which ultimately leads toward ending one’s life. Using drugs is just like committing suicide, now a question rises that how to control the increasing use of drugs?

In several places of Balochistan such as; Turbat the illegal business of drugs is at its peak. The major issue is that no one is ready to take action against those behind this life-taking business that is increasingly destroying our society.

Government has so far not been successful in any way to solve this issue and on the other hand, instead of getting the drug dealers behind the bars, police jails the ones who use drugs. When our police is involved with the drug dealers and making money out this business, they will never take any action against the dealers.

I request the government of Balochistan to take action necessary action before more families get affected.

Published in The Balochistan Point on September 8, 2017

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