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Balochistan: Electricity Supply Further Reduced By 200 MW

Quetta – According to Quetta electricity Supply Company (QESCO) Electricity supply of Balochistan from national Electricity Grid has been further reduced from 600 Megawatt (MW) to 400 MW on Sunday.

This decision is believed to exacerbate the living conditions of people of Balochistan who are already suffering long hours of Load shedding.

This decision has been made by Ministry of Water and Power due to increase in demand of electricity all over the country.

“Balochistan was already receiving 33% electricity of its total demand and even that has been reduced by 200 MW,” a citizen Abdul Hayee told The Balochistan Point. “This is continuation of anti-Balochistan policies of Federal government,” added Mr. Hayee.

Total demand of electricity in Balochistan is 1,800 MW, according to QESCO sources, and the reduction in electricity supply would increase the shortfall in the province to 1400 MW.

QESCO has announced that electricity would be unavailable in Quetta for 8 hours a day and in other districts only 4 to 6 hours of electricity will be available per day.

“We hardly get 4 hours of electricity in our village in Mastung district. Now we will hardly get one hour electricity per day,” lamented Mr. Sakhi while talking to The Balochistan Point.

Balochistan is the biggest victim of load shedding in entire Pakistan and that fact is not very well known. Some villages in Balochistan hardly get one hour of electricity per day.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on April 27, 2015

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