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Balochistan  needs career counseling for better future

 By: Engr Saeed Jattak

Career counseling is renowned as career assistance, guidance and analyzed design to facilitate with choosing, transferring, or exiting a career and might be accessed at any stage in life. One’s career is frequently one of the most imperative features of the prime of life, and carry on a new career, whether for the initial time, the instant time, or any time afterward, can be a trying event, especially when economic difficulties such as depression are a movement. A career counselor can lend a hand by demarcation and discussing one’s prospective career choices by presenting them the right way carrying onward to a successful career path.

The educational emergency claim declared by the government and some international non for profit organizations  working on educational sector are being exposed in Balochistan province  as it has been observed, there is no any career counseling held for the people of Balochitsan for many years. The numbers demonstrate the non seriousness of higher authorities and their insurances in this respect, which  is not enough to eradicate the feeling of neediness of the people of Balochistan.

It is a major event to be talked about because several hundred students from Balochistan whose degrees and career choices don’t meet. They wind up doing a chore that is inappropriate to their years of education, causing in a lack of efficiency and minor proceeds. This does not only slow down an organization’s  development  but also has terrible results in a person’s life directing to misery and job suffer exhaustion.

To oppose this occurrence, the human race is hiring the services of career counselors. Counseling is a secret and joint process in which a career counselor helps learners in their educational and career management. Luckily, it is not an unknown expression for us  but the decisions and policies are pending in this matter causing uncertainty and fidgety.

The suggestions waiting under the recommendation of higher authorities and the responsible personalities of the state would be managing to hire career counselors in each available university and college to arrange career counseling seminars, workshops and training bring awareness among the citizenry of all ages especially youth to choose a  safer career path for their hopeful future. This will bring the peoples’ interest to invest their valuable share in the improvement of society as they are among the beneficiaries.

The career counseling, if put into exercise will take the dream profession among the scholarly people of Balochistan for further carrying out for higher studies. It might enable them to earn a history not just for themselves  but also for their country. It will boast their confidence to bear out a better life and convey them in the course of progressive people whose desire to do well for their country’s reputation and growth.

Being firm with our educational sector as a social activist, It is my prime duty  to convey the pros and cons of career counseling ahead to lead my younger generation towards quality teaching and an engagement, providing the quality insurance of career path by diverting the kind care of concern authorities to adopt a tougher notice against the issue and get some useful approach by implementing career counseling in government level.

Published in The Balochistan Point on March 15, 2018

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