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Balochistan predicament and responsibilities of leftists

By Sabah-ud-Din Saba

 The Pakistan ruling class never agreed to conceive the enigma of Balochistan and feel here’s people outlook. And ruling class only sight all things by bestowed optical of imperialist. The senseless ruling class is not capable that be made expectations from them for adjustment of said malady.

It is very sad that left-wing intellectual, politicians and analysts are also incapable to perceive Balochistan enigma, like in past they could not comprehend the matter of Bangladesh, where they failed to amalgamate with oppressed nation and seek a scientific panacea of conundrum. We must admit that ancestors had submitted international revolution Lorton Meccongy against the ground realities and that’s upshots were appalling, hence we must not forget that learnable event.

In East-Pakistan, the forces who were struggling against class differences had blindly supported Lun Bio group by obdurate supported federation and adopted criminal silence against cruelties on Bangalis which reasoned the demise of left-wing politics in that region. Though a faction in leadership of Mr Siraj Sikdar struggled but it was too late and majority of left-wing was detached from them with conception that discussed faction is premature. Thus, we have lost a chance to create a left democratic state in the region. We never doubt in sincerity of revolutionaries Mateen Alauodin, but fact is, that wars cannot be won by trueness but can be through strategy.

Today, what so happening in Balochistan, it is required to be perceived, the pain of here’s masses is to be felt and need of camaraderie with them, impartially situations are to be analyzed and without any compromise the flag of truth is to be hoisted.  The workers of progressive parties have to perceive that what happening in Balochistan is not outcome of fewer administrative decisions. It is natural truth and on foremost day it was required that national question had be dealt seriously. Political forces never heeded about Balochistan’s National Question and rulers unjustified coercions have worsened here’s situations. Majority of progressive friends are hesitating to opine the issue. They think due to this the class struggle will be distracted but this type of assume is totally wrong and this is natural truth that without solving the National Question the struggle for class-unity is not possible.

Stalin about National Question told, “The policy of national persecution is dangerous to the cause of proletariat also on another account this creates a serious obstacle to the uniting the workers of all nationalities to combat the policy of national oppression in all its forms, from the most subtle to the crude.”

It is great flaw of left-wing political parties and workers that they instead of joining on congenial time to political struggle pragmatically, they waste time in debates, grouping, polarization and in confinement the drawing rooms. Now it is time to break-down this hibernation and common person should know and be pragmatic about daily routine of imperialist intervention in Pakistani affairs, issue of Balochistan and so on. The stance of left up till now have not postured in front of masses, like they don’t have access or relation with mass communication institutes. The nationalist movement in Balochsitan is not new, but how this area was appropriated with Pakistan, from that time Balochistan’s peoples kept disjoint from this state’s affairs. Consequently, from foremost day the nationalist movement of Balochistan had inclined toward separation movement.

Five Army Operations conducted in Balochistan to keep subjugated this region masses to imperialist and make deprived them of rights. The insurgency was commenced after a short period of Khan Kalat’s cede. The political explanation has been getting cleared with increase of persecutions. State coercion has been increasing with passage of time. The blame of foreign intervention in Balochistan is not new, in each epoch the responsibility has been labeled on some foreigners, and never Balochistan’s demands have been redress.

First time in Balochistan, the resisting organizations embedded class difference with national question and it is a great change in condition. A momentous organization prior to freedom called for social change, which provided a firm base to class question. The aim of building of a social society by discussed organization is instigating revolutionary trend in perspective of mentioned situations, the left-wing political workers have to adopt a clear and genuine stance about Balochistan. It is better opportunity for scattered revolutionaries in Pakistan to must not repeat past insane practices and support national question issue in Balochistan in the light of constituted principles. The second international interpretation of self-determination as commonly is autonomy, and in Europe oppressed nations got deliverance in culture, to that Russian communist rejected as stipulating it imperialist interpretation.

On eve of second-international Stalin presented four points about national question which have vital status.

1. The National Question and neo-colonial issues are embedded with deliverance from rule of capital.

2. The imperialist (Highest stage of capitalism) cannot sustain unless making unbalance between nationalities and enslaving neo-colonies.

3. The freedom never can be gained in condition of uneven between nationalities and rule on neo-colonized by capital.

4. The labor never bring a revolution until nations are unequal and colonized are not given due rights.

The left inclined politicians must have recognized Balochistan vital issue of country. The right of nation’s secession is to be present in light of Marxist thoughts, oppose state coercion on Baloch including security forces persecution in Balochistan. They must manifest their solidarity with Baloch. They must distinguish Balochistan’s so called nationalist parties and resisting organizations, and blatantly support righteous resisting movement which is not only struggling for freedom but also striving for change of outdated social, economic systems and they have adopted a bold stance against imperialist. Only by doing so, we can revive left-wing politics in Pakistan.


Published in The Balochistan Point on July 28,213

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Balochistan Point.

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