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BMC Students Protest Against Balochistan Government

Sami Parvez

Quetta – Students of Bolan Medical College (BMC) are continuing their protests against Balochistan government.

Students of BMC are conducting a hunger strike camp outside Quetta Press Club for last 10 days.

Basic demand of protesting students is that new rule that divides BMC seats equally among male and female students should be abolished.

“New rule of BMC is tantamount to huge injustice with talented students and therefore we demand that old merit system should be restored,” Dolat Khan, a protesting student, told Balochistan Point.

On Thursday Provincial Health Mister Rehmat Saleh Baloch and National Party Member of assembly Yasmeen Lehri visited the hunger strike camp and requested the students to end the hunger strike camp but students rejected their request.

Classes of BMC have started and protesting students claim that they are missing those classes due to the unfair rule imposed by Balochistan government.

Petition of BMC students against the 50-50 seats rule will be heard by Balochistan High court on 3rd September.

Students of BMC have vowed to continue their hunger strike camp as long as their demands are not met.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on August 29, 2015

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