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BMC students’ strike

By: Muhammad Zarif

Undoubtedly, Balochistan shares 44 percent geographical area and it is the richest province of Pakistan in term of natural resources. But sadly, It is heartening to see students on roads demanding their constitutional rights.

Furthermore, Bolan Medical College is the only medical college where future doctors are enrolled unfortunately, the students who are enrolled are suffering immensely.

Additionally, students have doing staging sit-in for almost 2months. Still they don’t meet their requirements. No one is listening to them why they are doing set in. An urgent attention is needed towards this long lasting problem.

Moreover, the main demand of students is to bring Bolan Medical College into previous condition. All of sudden, raise of fees structure, hostel fares because of which pupils are facing countless difficulties.

Similarly, new administration has stopped scholarships of students who were receiving before and many poor students who were living on these scholarships.  It is really an unfair act.

As well as, one can feel that how Quetta is cool in winter season but students for their birth right continue their strike against unbearable behavior of administration.

Similarly, due to this disturbing action the time of students is being wasted. It is very clear that medical field is very long process and it demands a back break struggle. As a result of these worse acts time of pupils is being wasted uselessly.

Apart from this, many pauper students are enrolled in Bolan Medical College who Burnt oil at midnight and earned this awaiting dream for them the fee structure is  not affordable which is a matter of concern. Beside this, Students are considered the back bone of any nation or society unfortunately, here students are devalued and facing countless problems despite of receiving respect.

It is humbly requested to C. M of Balochistan to take an effective step for these issues which are being faced by students who are enrolled in Bolan Medical College as soon as possible.

The writer is a student at university of Balochistan,Quetta

Published in The Balochistan Point on February 9, 2020

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