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Buleda under miseries

By: Abdul Wahab Buledi

Buleda is one of the far-flung tehsils of district Kech and It is located at the southwest of Balochistan. The distance from Buleda to Turbat city is approximately 47 kilometers. People of this region are amicable and hospitable as a part of their unique culture and tradition. For the past 25 years Buleda is continuously sending its representatives to national and provisional assemblies, nevertheless analogous to other parts of Balochistan. Buleda lacks basic necessities i.e: quality education, healthcare, proper roads, drainage system and regular electricity.

Health facilities are abysmal. People are compelled to travel for minor medical checkups in Turbat city – via the herky-jerky road of Buleda to Turbat city. Lack of gynecologists in the all tehsil is an alarming issue. Health problems such as heart diseases, kidney failures, stomach disorders, hypertension and cancer are escalating in a dismaying rate due to lack of awareness among the folks and irresponsibility of authorities.

Educational sector is full of flaws and imperfections. Absence of educational seminars, teacher workshops, punctualities of pedagogues, career counseling campaigns, parental inseriousness and incompetency of authorities are chief factors which create non-functioning of the society. Shaheed Ayub Buledi Inter College is the only secondary institution yet, inadequacy of lecturers in various disciplines is disappointing.

Load shedding is yet another curse on the people of Buleda. Irregular and continuous game of hide and seek is  being played by WAPADA.  

Lack of proper roads and drainage system are other components to make the local natives more miserable.

To come up with these challenges it is a dire need to resolve these issues in a systematic way with mutual coordination. It is requested to the local representatives, educationists, parents, and young generation to play their remarkable roles.

Representatives have many responsibilities, their willingness to work and support has a great impact on the society. People have many expections from them, so they must do their job in order to make the natives satisfied.

Doctors should be allocated in the local hospitals in punctuality. There should be monthly medical camps for checkups and treatments. Gynecologists must be designated as soon as possible, so that the rate of deaths due to pregnancy should decrease.

Only building of educational buildings and infrastructures are not the solutions to the problems. There must be educational seminars, teacher trainings; punctuality of teachers should be ensured the concerned authorities. Teachers can pave the true way, so they should have to contribute to the society. Teachers must be role models and know their true values. Their commitment and devotion will surely make a civilized society.

Young and energetic youth of Buleda who are pursuing higher education from various institutes have to play their role. They should visit governmental and private schools and colleges to  conduct  debates and competitions  for promotion of educational environment throughout the tehsil because education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world as quoted by great leader Nelson Mandela.

Writer is a student of MSc Chemistry from GCU Lahore.

Published in The Balochistan Point on December 30, 2017

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this piece are of the writer and The Balochistan Point does not necessarily agree with them.


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