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Business Of Private Schools And Academies

Ghulam Ali Bugti

In small urban centers of Balochistan, private schools can be found every next door. Most of such schools are not registered and being run by under graduate people such as matriculates. Such educators run schools in morning time and in evening time they run their tuition academies. They have no teaching experience and use this noble profession to make quick money.

In most of the cases, these types of schools hire less educated teachers from Punjab and Sindh. They brand these teachers as highly qualified teachers and local people believe them because they are outsiders and unknown to them. These schools charge high fees from the parents of poor students in the name of providing them high quality education.

National testing Service (NTS) tests for vacancies in education department have proved to be a blessing in disguise for the private academies. Common people are lured into receiving coaching for these tests for high fees of up to 3,000. These academies teach the students nothing new and just guide them about how to memorize certain topics.

The major reason for the growth of subs-standard private schools and academies is the failing government education system. Due to nepotism, corruption and negligence of the teaching staff of government institutes, government schools and colleges have been completely destroyed. As a result the private schools have come forth to fill the vacuum.

It’s the responsibility of the Balochistan government to regulate the private educational institutes. Government needs to take steps to prevent these types of people from looting the parents of students in small urban centers of Balochistan. One way or the other, all the grievances of people of Balochistan is due to the incompetence or lack of interest of those who are running Balochistan government.

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 2, 2015

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