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Cancer Patients in Balochistan

By: Jafar Mastoi   

The richest-poor province of the country is in the dire establishment of cancer hospital with the provisions of technological apparatus. Balochistan is on the curb of worse health facilities. The highest mortality rate of cancer patients is high as compared to other provinces. The highly affected cancer patients are due to skin lungs and oral cancer. The Survival of the fittest is another triggering where a person gets what he strives for in the good healthiest form. Combating with cancer with worse state of poverty in the province calls their representatives for hopes, promises and claims. A solemn situation within the province exposes the lost care of the public. According to WHO, cancer is in the pace of and spreading rapidly globally.

A recent report by WHO showing the statics of spreading of cancer disease globally. The documents show that 10m death estimated in 2018. In which Pakistan will suffer 174,000 new cancer cases and over 118,000 cancer-kindred deaths. The renowned cases are of breast, oral and lungs cancer. Maybe the half of a 0.0005m cases will occur in Balochistan in an imminent decade. The prevention of hold for cancer is a stricter control of carcinogens, involving tobacco and other substances known to the causation of lung and oral cancer. Balochistan has sought support for the cognizant of cancer-related organizations. The proposed conditions must be held under consideration to be work on them in the health sector.

The deprived province of the country has been hollowing by cancer disease from last decade. The recent cases occurred in Khuzdar are saddened incidents for the public.The highest mortality rate in Balochistan can be perceived in the Health-related organizations. Families are ready to merchandise their all stuff, even their shelter for treatment of cancer implicated family member, still do not able to pay the lofty amount of hospital expenditures outside the province. The statistical data of cancer patients cannot be measured correctly within the province due to unending poverty.

The government of Balochistan with the cooperation of Federal government must start consciousness campaign regarding prevention of cancer within the province. The public can be cured of the trap of this deadly disease by some stalwart and hurriedly stepping ahead for the awareness campaign for prevention and remedies of cancer. Balochistan on the curb of abysmal destitution margin calls their representatives for the dire establishment of Cancer Hospital as early as possible.

Published in The Balochistan Point on September 22, 2018

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