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The Fault in Our Foreign Policy

By: Waqar Bacha Foreign policy of a state consists of strategies that safeguard the state’s national interest, national security and economic prosperity. It reflects the state orientation in pursuance of its goals in the international system. Foreign policy depict how a particular state will interact with the other states, also it can cast an impact on other states as well. Since ...

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Strategic importance of Balochistan

By: Sadia Sohail THE case study of Balochistan reveals many important horizons need to be discovered. The general phenomenon upholding till date by our old and current generation is the issue of separatist movement going on in Balochistan. However, unfortunately nothing had ever been taken into account by the researchers/analysts to explore and disclose the causes of this sustained agony. ...

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Mashal’s lynching; where this society is off to?

By: Zafar Musyani Once ISIS members executed 13 teenage children who were watching a soccer match on TV. Perhaps, those Daish Elements thought that watching TV was an immoral act and this justified to them the barbaric killing of those juveniles.   And, such sort of brutalities have been committed time to time and again at different places by these terrorists ...

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Delta is the change agent for Baloch nation

By: Abdul Mannan Dynamic English Language Teaching Academy is the only remarkable institution which tops the list of English Institutions across Balochistan. It was established by a nationalist and top educationist, Sir Barkat Ismail Baloch. Delta is serving a pivotal role in the progress of Baloch nation. People of Makran were fleeing into darkness. They were unaware of the greatness ...

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The ghettoized part

By: Syed Aurang Zaib Institutions make a society run and have very obvious effects on the overall performance and stability of any country. One of the major issues that Pakistan carries is the institutional uncertainty and nauseating shift in balance of power, in Pakistan, Institutions are systematically made segregated in order to run rigorously. For instance, the daily corruption rate ...

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Traffic issues in Balochistan

By: Adnan Dost With the increasing population the problem of traffic control has become very acute in almost all the big cities in Balochistan. The increase in traffic has also added to the number of traffic accidents and roads are growing dangerous day by day. Unfortunately, we have little traffic sense and perhaps no respect for the traffic rules. No ...

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