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Human Rights

How Wars and Disasters Fuel Child Labor

By: Susan Raqib Hazrat Hussain, 10, loads bricks onto a truck. Hazrat doesn’t go to school and works alongside his two teenage brothers at a brick kiln outside Kabul.   Rahimullah, a 15-year-old Afghan boy, told Human Rights Watch last year that he has worked as a brick maker for five years, working from 4:00 a.m. until nightfall. “My smaller siblings ...

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Dearth of Facilities in Schools Leaves Education System Broken in Balochistan

By: Mir Behram Baloch “I can’t attend school,” says Mahwish, a seven grader at a school in a village near Kalat district. She admits that there has been a rise in number of students in her school in the past few years but many of her friends alike her have left school too. What is causing Mahwish and students like ...

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Discrimination against Balochistan – A big flaw of Islamabad

By: Muntaha Fatima Balochistan is the 4rth largest province of Pakistan comprising of 347,190 sq kilometer, having the population of 13millions people. It has reservoirs of Natural resources, minerals, Sui gas hence playing an important role in development of Pakistan by contributing in fuel requirements. It has amazing tourist spots including Hanna lake, Hangol national park, Astola Island that also ...

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Why Hazara Community is marginalized?

 By: Ejaz Magsi Upon the collapse of Soviet forces the Jihadi groups took the throne of Afghan in the shape of Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The misery was that these groups did not sit idle after war and they continued promoting their self-based style of Islamic principles in the region. Due to share of large border with Afghanistan, Balochistan is prone ...

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Gwadar: Fishermen’s Quest for Survival With their Ancestral Livelihood

By: Mariyam Suleman Fishermen’s children play at the “PadiZir” (west bay) beach of Gwadar while seeing their fathers and elder brothers dragging their boats toward the waves of Arabian Sea meeting the shores of Makran coast. “Things have changed over the years. As a little boy, I used to get fish for free when the fishermen anchored their boats at ...

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