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I Hope Intelligence Agencies Will Work with Us: Chief Minister Dr. Malik Baloch

By Benazir Shah  We recently spoke with Dr. Baloch of the National Party about the challenges his coalition government in Quetta must overcome for peace in Pakistan’s restive province. Excerpts: How does one quell the violence in Balochistan? Balochistan’s problems are multidimensional. There is the Baloch insurgency, sectarianism, target killings, and then the large number of kidnappings. I am in ...

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Noam Chomsky: The Arab World And The Supernatural Power of the United States

Mohammed Attar Interviews Noam Chomsky   ( July 14, 2013, Beirut, Sri Lanka Guardian) During his recent visit to Beirut, American thinker and philosopher Noam Chomsky met with a group of independent Syrian media activists, aid workers and individuals active in cultural and economic spheres. Chomsky had made it clear that he had come to listen to them; to lend ...

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Balochistan is a complicated zone and no one can be blamed for ongoing scenario: Dr. Malik Baloch

Interviewed by: Mehboob Shahwani Balochistan Chief Minister Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch talking to The Balochistan Point said: “Balochistan is a complicated zone and no one can be blamed for ongoing scenario but we are optimistic about better situation of the province.” “The Baloch issue is solely political and it can possibly be resolved with political dialogue. The provincial   government will ...

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Education is everyone’s basic right, it should be provided equally and honestly:D.E.O Chaghi Haji Aman Ullah

By Muhammad Akbar Notezai Exclusive interview with District Education Officer Chaghi Haji Aman Ullah       Q: How do you see the state of education in district Chaghi? Well, as far as education of district Chaghi is concerned, I am  confident to say that it is   going towards improvement. This is, as you know, Chaghi is one of the largest districts of ...

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Hindus Are Treated As Second Class Citizens

Dr   Shah Mohammad Marri is a professor at theBolan Medical College (B.M.C.), Quetta, and a renowned Baloch historian and intellectual. He is the editor of the progressive monthly magazine,Sangat [friend[ and the author of several books. The Baloch Hal spoke to him exclusively about the state the Hindu religious minorities in Balochistan, their origin and contemporary challenges.  Who are the Hindus living in Balochistan? Hindus are ...

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DR Malik Latest Interview with Anwar Iqbal

By Anwar Iqbal  Democracy is the only option for Baloch nationalists,” says Balochistan’s new chief minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch. “We need to connect with national democratic forces to achieve our objectives. We need to work within Pakistan. We have no other option. In  an interview to, Dr Malik said that a move by US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher to create ...

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