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Change is indispensable

By: Shah Faisal

 Change is not possible until we are realistic. Our condition may not be different if we do not make it different. History witnesses how the nations brought revolutions and changed the situation in their favor by becoming proactive. Either Arabean society or European nations; they highlighted their dark-age and determined to oppose it. In the same stream we can observe the condition of developed countries as: China and Japan.

A number of questions arise that why youth cannot be a change agent in our society and what are the obstacles in our way to change.  We should go far behind the root causes of our uncertain situation. Today we are facing number of problems in every walk of life. Because, we have less minds to think and dead hearts to feel. Here, everyone has neglected society and is limited for his sake. There is lack of social and societal thinking approach. Regretfully, our academies have become frigid and they are not producing leadership. They are giving machinery to society not human. Our educated class is doing efforts only for getting some relief and high packages to live.

In order to produce positive change in society the youth need to be gathered. Our bright minded ones should have a bright planning to optimize these issues. Change is not a dream it is practical. So, practical works get start from very initial levels. Even, firstly we have to bring change in ourselves, then, to get step forward we can start work from our town to district level.

We can take some tangible initiatives on city levels. These steps can be in education, health, local administration and personal issues of youngsters. There is a good idea that youth can establish civil society platforms at district level in Balochistan to highlight and discuses positive approaches to solve the social issues facing youth right now. 

Published in The Balochistan Point on November 18, 2018

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