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Committee to Investigate HEC Resource Distribution for Balochistan

Adnan Aamir

Quetta: A four member committee has been constituted to investigate resource distribution of Higher Education Commission (HEC) to Balochistan since 2007, learnt Balochistan Express though its sources.

This decision was made in a meeting between HEC chairman and representatives from Balochistan, on Tuesday.

Balochistan members raised the issue that Balochistan is getting much less than its due share in all of HEC resources based on the contents of recently released HEC’s Annual Report 2012-13.

It was revealed in the report that Balochistan is only getting 3 percent share in HEC scholarships and grants as opposed to its constitutionally mandated share of 6 percent. Report also reveals that in the year 2012-13 HEC provided 2,895 PHD scholarships and share of Balochistan was just 30 which is just 1 percent.

During the same period HEC offered 8,317 Foreign and Indigenous Scholarships and Balochistan and FATA combined got 12 scholarships which is just 0.14 percent.

According to sources, HEC chairman initially denied the claim that Balochistan is only getting 3 percent share.  However, representatives of Balochistan convinced the HEC chairman that HEC’s Annual Report 2012-13 proves that Balochistan is facing discrimination at the hands of HEC.

HEC team agreed to form a committee that would investigate the claims made by representatives of Balochistan and take action based on the findings.

It was agreed in the meeting that four member committee would be chaired by Chairman HEC Professor Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed. Other members of the committee include Secretary Education Balochistan Abdul Saboor Kakar, Vice Chancellor (VC) of Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS) Engineer Ahmed Farooq Bazai and one other member nominated by HEC.

Meeting of the committee is expected to take place in last week of January where representatives of Balochistan will present their case that Balochistan is being discriminated by HEC.

Courtesy: Balochistan Express

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 14, 2016

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