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Confusion in PB14-II again

By: Jaffar Mastoi

 It has been observed for last two decades that Balochistan’s provincial constituency PB14-II has been obfuscated by some continual politics of renowned political actors. Their various objectives have stultified the public. Deliberately the people have been kept deprived of all forms of contemporary facilities.

Political parties contesting from PB 14 Jaffarabad II includes PPPP, BAP, PMAP, BNP-A, MMA, BNP, PSP, NP and many other independent aspirants. Candidates those who were participating from PB 14 Jaffarabad II include  Haider Ali Jamali, Mir Jan Muhammad Khan Jamali, Noor Jahan, Muhammad Hanif, Muhammad Siddique, Mehrullah, Muhammad Amin, Muhammad Iqbal ,Farooq Jamali , Ali Sher, Ali Hassan, Shaukat Ali, Sajad Ahmed , Raja Nisar Ahmed, Zulfiqar Ali Jamali ,Major Khan , out of these some have quit their political work in the favor of BAP’s candidate.

A strong candidate in this constituency recently joined Balochistan Awamy Party (BAP) has also remained on higher positions of the provincial assembly of Balochistan and Senate of Pakistan. Various Ministries by various political parties. He was 28 when he started his political career. He is canvassing again within the city for elections campaign. In his lifetime tenure in various ministries, this constituency remained complicated from last two decades. People have no any basic necessities to serve their life for better imminent future. A majority of houses, schools, offices have no electricity and drinking water. The dismal state of hospitals and roads are exposing the old contentions. Even the educational institutions that do exist suffer from an acute lack of resources.

He belongs to this constituency but never came to see worse circumstances after winning the elections. Now, it is time for general elections in 2018. He has taken a turn by joining newly formed BAP. All eyes are set on the fight to be held on July 25 general elections 2018. Many independent candidates have left their political work in the advocacy of BAP’s candidate. Largest party of constituency PPP’s candidate has also withdrawn himself in favor of BAP. This constituency has never been prioritized by its elected candidates. This is not the symbol of consciousness but the interpretation of relations and supremacy of families with the feudal system. Every day many patients from destitute family have to travel from the city to Sindh for medical treatment. One of the most green-belt districts of the province is the most ignored one.

I am truly surprised and ailing that the various tribes in this constituency are again espousing  BAP’s candidate, who has never been proved rational for the cause of development in the city. A bizarre action is seen over the city everywhere. No good news exists for PB14-II in any development statistic. The systematic denial of basic requirements, health-related essentials and education-related facilities within the district clearly indicates the disrespect and discriminatory claims. Don’t considerate feudal man, any relation or ascendancy any creed and  caste; you must strongly believe that vote for Pakistan must be the influential slogan for every Pakistani.

Published in The Balochistan Point on July 17, 2018

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the writer and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them.

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