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CPDI Expresses Its Concern over Delay in Constitution of Balochistan PFC

ISLAMABAD: Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) has expressed its concern over delay in constitution of Balochistan Provincial Finance Commission (PFC). Seven years since new local government law was passed and Balochistan still doesn’t have a PFC award.

Expressing CPDI’s point of view through a press statement Amer Ejaz, Executive Director at CPDI said that the process of devolution is incomplete without a formula to share the financial divisible pool among administrative units i.e. the districts. Recent unanimous resolution by Balochistan Provincial Assembly for establishment of the PFC is a positive step in the right direction; now government must fulfill its responsibility. He further stated that new PFC award in Balochistan is long awaited as the last award was announced for the period of 2006-09.

Section 120 of the Balochistan Local Government Act talks about formation of a PFC that would determine vertical and horizontal financial sharing formula between the province and local councils as well as among the districts; this legislation was promulgated in 2010. CPDI has urged the provincial government to move swiftly towards establishment of PFC, the constitution of which is already determined in the law.

While referring to the provision under article 140-A of the constitution of Pakistan he stated that the idea of Provincial Finance Commission was vital for devolution of “financial responsibility and authority to elected representatives of local governments”.

At the end Amer Ejaz expressed the hope that the Balochistan provincial government would move fast on constitution of the PFC and would strengthen the local government system by giving them more liberty on use of their financial share in the provincial divisible pool.

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Pubished in The Balochistan Point on November 7, 2017

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