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Creating Understanding for Social Values Through News Collaboration: DW Collaborates with Local Stakeholder

ISLAMABAD: With the changing media consumption patterns globally, the storytelling techniques and platforms are changing as well. To improve the outreach and improve innovations in news media platforms, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Digital Broadcast Pvt. Limited (DBTV) and Deutsche Welle (DW) in Islamabad. The understanding is aimed create joint collaboration in terms of creating content and share information through the DBTV’s next generation digital platforms. The purpose of the collaboration is to enhance the knowledge experience of the users by providing diverse content.

On this occasion, Germen Ambassador in Pakistan Martin Kobler said “It is great to see cooperation between DBTV and DW in digital broadcasting to take benefit of each other’s experience. It is a cross fertilizing cooperation between the two sides.”  

Nadeem Siddiqui, DW Representative in Pakistan, hoped that more steps will be taken to enhance partnership between DW and DBTV.

On the occasion, Chief Executive Officer of the DBTV, Amir Jahangir said, “this cooperation is a confidence of international institutions in DBTV’s vision and professional conduct. DBTV is one of the first media entities in Pakistan, which has deployed Artificial Intelligence (AI) modules in the newsrooms”. This collaboration with DW will help both organisations create appreciation for new ideas and innovation in the society, while creating better understanding of the socio-economic values and realities at multiple levels. The core narratives surrounding issues within the Pakistani context require that international media collaborates with local stakeholders to ensure that their content is up-to date with the latest events for the promotion of a knowledge-based economy to improve the global state of media and journalism.

Bakhtawar Mahmood, General Manager for the DBTV said, “the programing and content strategy of DBTV is unique as it brings in the youth in the socio-economic and political debates while providing them opportunity to create and interact at the same time”. She further said, “the programs are designed with viewership consumption patterns in considerations, which is looking for proximity of location, thematic relevance, ease in availability of time and space. While making sure to provide the viewers an opportunity to design the social agenda at the same time. 

Deutsche Welle is organized as a public broadcaster and is financed by federal tax resources. In order to distribute its audio and audiovisual program and its online services worldwide, it uses satellite transmission, terrestrial and cable transmission, streaming media and other technical facilities, either by operating such facilities itself or through partners. DW stands for in-depth and reliable information in 30 languages, with TV in English, German, Spanish and Arabic. DW flagship is the 24-hour English language TV channel which is available almost everywhere in the world.

For over 50 years, DW has been promoting media development around the world and has professionalized media makers and managers. Around 1,500 employees and nearly as many freelancers from 60 countries work at DW’s headquarters in Bonn and main studio in Berlin.

Digital Broadcast Pvt. Limited (DBTV) is the first Internet TV in the South-Asian region with an AI enabled newsroom. DBTV aims to disrupt the media landscape in the region with the mission of empowering citizens with information that can be translated into actionable knowledge.

DBTV’s programming focus is future-oriented content that is research and evidence-based, targeting issues that impact the lives of global citizens, while connecting them with the local issues and context. Started in Summer of 2018, DBTV is one of the fasted growing content consuming platforms across all social media platforms including, Web, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.

Published in The Balochistan Point on March 26, 2019

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