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DELTA: The change agent in Turbat

By: Sana Samad

Dynamic English Language Teaching Academy (DELTA) is known as one of the well known institutions in Balochistan which is recognized as a cheating free school. Barkat Ismail Baloch established The DELTA institution in June 2001, with the motto as the change agent “to create an educational environment in Turbat as well as in entire Balochistan.

The founder of institution Barkat Ismail Baloch was appreciated by some individuals to continue his noble cause by educating people in the area. With the assistance of some other teachers, the motivation of Barkat Ismail became result oriented and the strength of institution stared growing. The cooperation of Mr. Baloch helped poor students to learn without payment of any fee.

The satisfactory performance of English language centre resulted in foundation of DELTA school in 2004 with the same name of DELTA, in guidance of Murad Ismail, the brother of Barkat Ismail. The DELTA institution continued its efforts for educating people with a great quality. Earlier in 2016, DELTA school became the first institution of Balochistan where students did not cheat in their matriculation exam and passed it with high marks.

The achievement of DELTA was praised in entire Balochistan because none of the Institution has been successful to gain it. The best change that DELTA has produced in Balochistan is the encouragement of girls for getting education and production of competent youngsters.

Many alumni of Delta have gained different scholarships and job opportunities in foreign countries. The DELTIAN students are connected with the national and some international newspapers. They contribute opinions, letters, and reports in national and Balochistan based printed and online newspapers.

In many streets of Turbat there are private institutions and they all are just due to DELTA, mainly DELTA is the main reason behind the whole private institutions in Turbat which are providing good education to the people.

In last 15 years DELTA has brought some drastic changes in Balochistan which were required, and Barkat Ismail was expecting. The institution has proved itself as the change agent. Barkat Ismail Baloch deserves much respect for his initiative in kind of DELTA.

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 10, 2017

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