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Deplorable education system in Kalat  

By: Suhaima Mehr

Education is the basic right of every human being. It is the power that drags a person from darkness of illiteracy to the light of awareness. Holy Quran also instructs, ” Iqra” means ” read”. Education is the process which makes us different from animal’s but unfortunately we the citizens of Kalat are deprived of this priceless gift. Kalat, is the historical city of Balochistan.

There are many factors that contribute to the lower standard of education in Kalat city. Decades old, many primary and high government schools are providing free education but their standard has no match with the good schools or needs of the modern times, since we are not having proper facilities. 

In the school students face many hardships. They are in need of labs and science teachers. The enrolled students in middle and high schools cannot perform any practical. The teachers are untrained and they are not able to make pupils understand but they bear all these situations. 

After completion of matriculation, students become bewildered while seeing their perished college. In college they do not have lecturers. Due to the lack of academic most of the classes remain unattended. Those students who have selected science just take exams because no labs, no proper education and no regulation is present in the institution. Beside this if students do not have proper education in government institutions, miserably, there is no private academy or school to provide quality education.

In kalat there is not any tuition center that someone should continue his or her studies to prepare for higher studies. Many students want to read more but on account of poverty their wish remains a wish because they cannot afford pursuing their education in big cities of province or country. Some students go out of city for getting higher education but they also face many difficulties. They live in hostels and they are far from their beloved families. 

It is need of the time that responsible authorities should pay attention towards the educational problems of Kalat city. The hardships must come to an end which are being faced by students. Balochistan can be well developed if Kalat as well as all the cities of province are provided educational facilities with required academic staff.    

Published in The Balochistan Point on February 3, 2020


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