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Editorial: Murder of teenaged girls in Kalat remains unnoticed

On 21 December 2014, two teenage girls were   found dead in Garap area of Kalat district, some 14km from district head quarter. The dead bodies of girls were brought   to district head quarter where their relatives identified the dead bodies as Asia 16 and Nazia 13.  According to the doctors the victims had been raped and tortured to death.  The parents of girls said that victims had been missing since  December 8, 2013. In spite of the protests of Political, social and organizations in Kalat, the district levies and police have not taken any tangible measure against perpetrators.

All parties Action Committee Kalat, a collation of political parties, has been protesting against the incident, however, no probe has been initiated against the  case. Media has also been silent over the issue. Though Senator Abdul Ghafoor Hadari raised voice against the issue in senate, yet government has proved to be inactive regarding the case. The central leader of Balochistan National Party (BNP-Mengal) Prince  Musa Jan has condemned the role of judiciary, Chief Minister of Balochistan, district authorities and human rights organizations.

On January 4, 2013 the All Parties Action Committee, called for shutter-down strike for the arrest of killers of the teenage girls in Kalat. The speakers of the protest condemned   role of district authorities and governing parties pertaining the incident. All Parties Action Committee, citizens Action Committee, Transport Unions, Trade organizations, Students Committee, have also scheduled a token hunger strike in Kalat Market and stage a sit in future   outside the Levies station.

The roles of district authorities and levies forces have not been appreciable about the murder case of teenagers. If the responsible forces would take action against the abduction of victims, there were possibilities to recover them. The silence of answerable authorities illustrates power of the perpetrators or the linkages with powerful groups, who are involved in abductions for ransom in Balochistan. Government, law enforcing authorities, human rights organization and journalists in Balochistan needed to be active and play their due role for the provision of justice to the affected families. 


The Balochistan Point

 Published in The  Balochistan Point on  January 10,2014

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