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Effects of inflation on society  

By: Suhaima Mehr

Today inflation is the biggest issue which is faced by the all public. It is a menace to all because it is increasing the rate of illiteracy. Many students are leaving their studies; their parents cannot afford to educate them. People are hungry because everything has become expensive so how they can think of benefiting themselves with the blessings of knowledge. On account of it students are joining bad companies, they are starting bike snatching, stealing, playing wager even each and every thing just to serve their families and whenever their fundamental requirements are not fulfilled so they are doing suicide.

Moreover, child labor is growing because of inflation.  The parents are compelled to push their innocent children into the hard life. Inflation is destroying their childhood and they remain unable to enjoy their lives. They are busy in working all the day they are deprived of education and luxurious life.

Unflinchingly we can say that it is perishing the lives of the future stars. Furthermore, when the people are suffering from any deadly disease so they don’t have power to fight against that disease because the prices of medicines are too high. People are dying due to it because inflation has deadened the people.

Government should think about people that how inflation is affecting their lives and how hardly they are serving their members of family.  

Published in The Balochistan Point on March 26, 2020

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