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Electricity crisis in Mekran  

By: Ali Jan Maqsood

The crisis of electricity in Mekran for last month is yet another matter for the people in Makran region. Makran covers Kech, Gwadar and Panjgor districts in Balochistan.  The electrical based businesses of the division are thoroughly disturbed because of unavailability of electricity.

Basically, electricity of Mekran is supplied from Iran. Numerous suspects on shortage of electricity have taken the citizens’ attention towards them; some say Iran has refused to supply  electricity, as   she is supposed to supply electricity in different other countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and few others. Some other allege that Iran has been supplying electricity but the authorities in Mekran are doing load shedding for their personal gains.  

More importantly, we have to keep an eye on the other side of the picture, too, where it is also a strong objection to the suspects calling it a political dilemma to have the load shedding in the division that there runs plenty of businesses of the politicians which are running all due to electricity where a one day shortage of electricity makes to have a loss of lacs. They would have thought of a different tactic to compel the citizens to cast their votes in spite of making it a finalized decision to cut out the electricity.

Interestingly, BBC Urdu referred the lack of electricity as a problem being faced by the Iranian government where it is called to be load shedding for the first time in their history too. It further said about a protest in Iran about the supply of electricity in Pakistan as a cause of load shedding in Iran. It is said to be quoted by the Iranian fellows that if electricity is lacked in Iran, why is the government of Iran supplying it to other countries? As the world needs more and more causes to have more good relationships with the outer countries, Iran seems compel to supply electricity in Pakistan during the nights only for making the relationship of Iran and Pakistan a strong one in the world.

Besides this, another report unveiled that the machine through which Iran used to supply electricity to the other countries has become out of order as a result electricity in Iran and the supplied countries have been affected. Unluckily, Iran is unable to have the same kind of a machine within their territory but it is available in Russia. Sadly, Russia cannot, too, supply it to Iran openly for International Trades with Iran has been banned by The United States. It is troubling countries like Pakistan to have a good sort of electricity in them.

Finally, the shortage of electricity has been entirely taking the people of Mekran to get into deep distraction for the businesses in Mekran. The rates of the electrical based works have been increased rapidly like tailors, communicational shops, solar system and many more. It has been increasingly affecting the inflation of the state and giving losses to the poor citizens of Mekran. Concerned authorities have to look for the issue and have a solid ending to it with an end to the electricity crisis in the division.

Published in The Balochistan Point on August 5, 2018

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