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Federal Govt is Depriving Balochistan of Revenue of Provincial Hospitals.

Quetta: The revenue generated by the government hospitals in Balochistan is being transferred to the accounts of federal government, the Balochistan Point has learnt.

After 18th amendment of constitution, Health department has been transferred to provinces and the Balochistan government has the right over the revenue of government hospitals.

Federal government is depriving Balochistan government of the hospitals revenue in contravention of constitution of Pakistan.

Tens of millions of rupees are earned monthly by major government hospitals in Quetta such as Bolan Medical complex Hospital and Sandeman Provincial Hospital. Unfortunately, all of that goes in the pockets of federal government.

Government hospitals charge unreasonably high fees from the poor people of Balochistan for X-Rays, MRI and other complicated tests.

Government of Balochistan should bring this issue with federal government and ask for compensation for all the revenue taken by federal government after 18th amendment.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on November 13, 2014

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