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Frequent power breakdown of electricity in Makran

By: Mannan Samad

Makran, despite being the biggest coastal division of Balochistan, suffers from frequent power breakdowns in the blessings month of Ramazan. Over the past few days, the division has been gripped of extreme heat-weaves with mercury touching 50 to 54 degrees Celsius, while the unannounced power outages made life miserable for the people. The rising temperatures have already rendered fasting difficult, the electricity issue had made it even more difficult.

However, several areas of Makran division, including Kech, Gwadar, Panjgoor, Pasni, Jeewani are adversely affected by the increase in loadshedding and low voltage during Iftar and Sehri. Shockingly, many areas are also plunged into darkness during Taravee which is the sign of provincial government’s absolute negligence.

Unfortunately, Makran is being supplied merely 70 megawatts of electricity by Iran alone which cannot fulfill the need of entire division. The region energy supply is sufficient considering its areas.

The authorities have failed miserably to resolve the problem of unending electricity crisis across the division. Despite tall claim of government of no disruption during Iftar, Sehri and   nothing has been practically done.

Loadshedding has become one of the most serious issues and needs the immediate attention of the government. Residents of the division always bear 10 to 12 hours of power cuts. Sadly, they continue to suffer this misery for the past several years.

Therefore, the federal and provincial government should together take bold steps to overcome this pathetic problem in order to provide more energy supply in the region so that people can lead their lives in peace and prosperity.

Published in The Balochistan Point on June 4, 2017

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