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Ghulam Husain Showaz, as a Modern Classist

By: Anisa Manzoor

 It is true that every literature has been represented  by their own taste and nature which are done by every others writers ,poets, translators  and any other way to show their literature same the case with Balochi literature where the great ,the most impressive writers poets translators and dramatist  who has given a great contribution to their literature .

In addition  among them one was Gulam Husain Showaz who did wonderfully his efforts to his own literature ,was one of the new era poet and wrote his poem in a different style since being a modern age of poet he had used classical method to bring a new style in his poem therefore it is said that his poem reveal the characteristic  of Balochi classical style because in Balochi literature mostly modern poet depict their poem feeling and emotion and has a great connection  with nature .(Deshti. k 2015)

Wholeheartedly Balochi modern era of poetries deals with new techniques hence it is the age of techniques so the characteristic of the poem seem in a different theme and method such as petrioticism nationalism and many more because mostly poets are educated therefore. In contrast to Gulam Husain Showaz  was among them whose   poem deal with the characteristic of classical style    and used classical  style in his modern poem owning to which he has known as s Balochi modern classist .(kanar  A 2014)

More importantly  ,was born  in Balenegor ,the town of match Kech in 1956 .has completed his basic education  from his native place after it he came to Turbat for intermediate and after FA from Atta shad degree collage he went to Karachi for higher education where he took admission in Karachi university for his better career  and did his MA in journalism .In fact he was one of the well educated person and was great men of intellect  but  for the financial support he went to Maskat Oman  where his all family and relatives were settled.

Similarly being an educated man in Maskat he also worked in a telephone company but after one year he left and work in a petroleum company .it is wonder the modern poet used to had visited different countries and was able to known the different language as well .however was multi-talented person since in one the other side did his contribution to Balochi literature.

Farther more, in Maskat his name was Amber Jan Muhammad therefore his much of poems had been written by the name of Amber and greatest contribution to Balochi and English poem both for Balochi literature moreover was dynamic personality for Balochi literature.

Broadly speaking ,his poetry may be divided into four parts ,the first phase of poem were classical style 2,second  were rhyme couplet ,the third includes with sonnet and forth the last were song which were are stile sung by different singers  however among all he was much famous for his classical style.(samain amber 2010)

Indeed due to which he is called a modern classicist and had loved for his tradition and culture thus while composing poems he took certain ideals as a critic TS Eliot declared his essay “Tradition individual talent” that “Novelty is better than repetition” however was also a modern modernist therefore to him tradition is important than the repetition likewise Gulam Husain Showaz was also a modern classist who believe in the same as a critic remarks,

“What is to be insisted upon is that the poet must develop procure the consciousness of the past and that he should continue to develop this consciousness through his career”. (TS Eliot)

In fact there are different classical characteristic that could be seen in his poem such as love, nationalism or patriotism and long narrative style of writing.


In general love is universal phenomena  which is excite in every mankind equally  the admirable poet regard the same phenomena in his poem with distinct fashion hence he was in love with his motherland as a critic beautifully said;

“A great poet, in writing of himself writes of his age” (Eliot)

In comparison Gulam Husain did in his poem due to which his love is called distant love, no wonder, being far from the land, he wrote this style that’s why his love for land was extraordinary. In fact throughout his poems it could be Judged that how much his loved, was far his nation ,culture, tradition and language .However being a modern poet who never remission his cultural and tradition .Since it is pleasing Quoted that ,”Tradition is a matter of much wider significance ,it  cannot be inherited”.(Eliot)

Beside this ,he used symbol to  depict his loved such as brids,name of person or any other object thus he used land as a beloved in his poem as once in an interview he himself promulgated that there are no identical kind of love such as Manzoor loved, Shymured affection ,devotion of god ,to whom one bow down  thereupon above all kind of love affection the love of him was different since that is with his own nation or land .(Badeni, yar Jan 2010)

As he himself mention in his poem “FALL”

You, the myth of singing splendid splashing fall,

You the fabric of my silken smoothing abode,

You, the dearth of the wild gazelle living with one nearer to

Lasten me not,

Leave me alone” (Amber 10th Nov, 1997)

Anyhow the lines depicts that his love towards his own country and as the last line of poem shows that telling never lit him alone though harsh but not believe however he only could feel those moment of fall that he spent his own land its he shows that the used classical style his modern poem because modern age poet were mostly connected to love beauty and nature. (Deshti, 2015)

Consequently  once he was asked in interview regarding nation and he portrayed  that when we did sin ,God will forgive us but when we become unfaithful towards our own nation it would never let us be forgivable that is why love towards nation  should be faithful  instance it seem his faith was  his own land .(Badeni 2010)

No doubt he was not at his motherland but still has the same strong feeling and emotion regarding his land as he declared in his poem “ENTITY”;

“You’re my twilight of dark and endless nights,

Preserve me like mother land

Oh, my humble divine longing to you,

I shall return” (Amber 3rd Nov, 1997)

In fact the word “divine” here show to refer  his land and he has considering his land as a “holy place” beside he mention that one day he would come back means return to his land so it shows that he was pessimist  likewise the poem “Goddess “also tells about his love was greatly admired as he said ;

Oh! Thy dark eyes,

Hunting deep in abyss,

Thee! The goddess of hope and devotion,

Be merciful and blind folded,

For the sake of s loof of bread” (AMBER)

Nevertheless poet is expressing his strong affection and feeling of love and loyalty towards his motherland since the word “goddess” is addressing to the land and saying to his people to feel mercy to those who work for a loof of bread outside because poetry was ruled in his land .

As result of above his poem completely show the characteristic of classical with modern style therefore was considered as a modern classicist.


In actually long narrative style is a kind of style which has been used by Balochi classical poets however this style was very much famous and it could be seen in modern poet Gulam Husain Showaz poem since most of his poems are written in a long and narrative style as the best example could be seen in his poem “STRANGER”;

“Agony of my sorrow

Shadow of my childhood dreams

‘Re embracing me a loft and having me fall lover,

With avalanche of my snowy hopes,

Besieging isles alike me in dampen vivid air.

Odd I am and thinking blasphemous

Reasoning without impeachment

Pleading absolute guilty

Swallowed by marshes and deprive with fear

Pleasing the earthen ore

Imprisoned in cold irony despair

Envisaging myth of enlightenment

With sagging myth of enlighten ment

With axon gallows hacked all over

Thriving philosophy of man kind

Like the clergy disillusioned and unfair

Stranded and stunned

 (Amber 15th march 1998)

Apart from this the poem “Hearthub” he had written in narrative style however being a modern poet he depicted classical writing in his poem as he remarked;

“Hard it to forgive

Won’t be easy to heal

The wounds you inflated

The pain which i feel

Commemorate my tenure

Recite my zeal

Wish you were only mine

Wish we could have a deal”. (Amber 18th Feb 1998 )

thus the poem shows great affection with deep passion in his long narrative style because every sentences has being connected to each other and within the words poet expresses a note of desire and longing from nation however there is a sadness tone in his poem which shows   a feeling of melancholy that is why he portrayed as a modern classicist .as in the same poem the said;

“Seduce me, my joy

Deduce me to my daunting knell

Flood me with tears,

Tear me like a wheel”

(Amber 18th Feb 1998)


The term patriotism means to have feeling of loving your own country more than any others and also being proud of it because the words define the loyalty of person to his own nation (oxford dictionary)

However there is patriotic Quality in his poem ,Since he was loyal to his nation though was not in his land but he did his contribution to his nation hence his love for nation was in the highest level for instance a critic AR Daad remarked that .Nationalism is different form patriotism ,As a nationalist only think of every ethnic group and its own nation to contrast patriotism is that for what the nation itself is the highest values .Frankly Speaking ,to him his land was everything therefore critic called him as a “Insuogent poet” (Hamraz Saleem)

As being for form nation, made him patriotic poet for instance owing which his love for nation remain extreme and faithful .As he mention his poem “Livelihood”

“Pay me not homage

Respect not my pawn

I am the descended era

 Let and succumb me upon”

(Amber 1999)

After from these ,there two major importance in his poem the first one is he began his poem with the name of his own land their mountain ,lake ,tress or etc but mostly everyone start his poem with the name of holy moreover it is seem his as a patriotic poet ,the second is he is called ad a classicist .(Naygwari Korsheed 2010)

As a result, throughout the research paper it has been clarify that Gulam Husain Showaz was great modern classicist poet of balochi literature and had bestowed wonderful contribution to his literatures.


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Published in The Balochistan Point on July 11, 2017

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