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Gwadar: Local People Protest for Water Provision

Sami Parvez 

Gwadar:  Local people in Gwadar protested for water provision who had been looking for water for last two days, learnt the Balochistan Point.

On Thursday, people at Mir Lal Bakhsh Ward Gwadar blocked the roads and protested against the deprivation of water.

According to the sources, water is not being supplied to Mir Lal Bakhsh Ward Gwadar for last two days.

People suffered due to jammed traffic when strikers blocked the way of Jannat Bazar road.

 “Public Health Engineering (PHE) is not supplying water for last two days due to which we are facing troubles.”  The protesters said

Later the protesters ended the protest when authorities assured supply of water to the protesters,

For Last couple of months there is water crisis in Gwadar. The citizens of Gwadar are compelled to buy water at high rates between the price of Rs 9000 and Rs 12000, which is not affordable for poor population in Gwadar.

 Public Health Engineering (PHE) department has started supplying water to the people through water tankers to cope with the problem. However, the local residents blame that water supply is being done on the basis of favouritism and nepotism.

Gwadar is the important point of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, however, the population of Gwadar has been ignored and they are confronting shortage of drinking water due to the drying up of Ankara Dam, which is the main source of supplying water for drinking purpose.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on February 5, 2016

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