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Gwadar: Only Doctor and Mathematics Teacher Sent on Exchange Program

Mariyam Suleman Baloch

Gwadar – Students of Sur Banden School have strongly condemned the decision to send the only mathematics teacher and doctor of Sur Banden area on a six months long exchange program to China.

A delegation of students of Sur Banden School along with Mohammad Jan, General Secretary and Waheed Baloch member of central committee of Baloch Student’s Organization-Pajjar (BSO-Pajjar) met Babu Gulab, Chairman District council Gwadar, on Monday.

Delegation condemned the decision of sending the only Mathematics teacher of Sur Banden School and the only doctor of the area for the six months long Chinese exchange program.

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Babu Gulab, Chairman District Council Gwadar

The students claimed that most students have issues with Mathematics and in the midst of the upcoming six months they will have their annual exams. “Absence of the teacher will severely affect the academics of students,” lamented the students of Sur Banden.

On the other hand the representatives of BSO-Pajjar addressed the issue of the health care facilities and notified that the selection of only doctor of Sur Banden Health Center for the six month long program will completely deprive the residents of the harbor community from health care facility.

“We demand either the cancellation of the exchange programs or to provide substitutes for the teacher and the doctor,” said representatives of BSO-Pajjar.

We will either cancel the exchange program for the selected teacher and doctor or provide people with their alternatives, promised Babu Gulab, Chairman District Council Gwadar.

He also informed the students and the representatives of BSO-Pajjar that the Director Education Balochistan has not yet issued No Objection Certificates (NOCs) to the Mathematics teacher.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on October 5, 2015

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