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Gwadar Remains Thirsty

Gwadar, being one of the main cities of the country in term of commercial importance but it remains out improved water provision system. Majority of wells and the dams have gone dry and there is no facility for desalting the sea water. The water is being provided to them from district Kech’s Meerani dam. A tanker costs arounf Rs. 17,000 which is adding to the provincial budget. The main project of Pakistan (CPEC) is in progress in Gwadar, but the same city with massive economic promises is facing water shortage. If the present issues is not solved, it will cause multiple issues and people will suffer even more.

 I request the provincial government to take necessary action to tackle the water crisis in Gwadar

Zahida Haider
Shal Absor, Kech

Published in The Balochistan Point on December 24, 2017

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