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Gwadar: USAID Funded 15 Reading Clubs and 3 Main Libraries Project Inaugurated

Suleman  Hashim

Gwadar: To promote reading trend in the youth and children a project of fifteen reading clubs and three public libraries on behalf of the people of America through the small grant ambassador fund inaugurated   this week in Gwadar  .

 According to the details for the development of Pakistan’s Gwadar district mainly the Union Council of Gwadar and Pishkan, on behalf the people of America through  the small grant ambassador fund RCDC (Rural Community Development Council) will initiate fifteen reading clubs and three public libraries to promote reading trend in the youth and children. The inauguration of the plan was conducted in RCDC this week.

Including the local representatives of the region, members of civil society and government officials participated in the program.

The former District Education Officer and the president of RCDC Khuda Buksh Hashim and present District Education Officer Mohammed Jan Raza presided the program while district chairman Babu Ghulab was the chief guest of event.

Addressing to the attendees, most speakers considered the project a very important step toward educational growth and development of the region. They reflected upon the previous USAID projects for instance the Solar Energy project of 2014 that accommodated few villages in Gwadar district and seemed hopeful for recent project that it  would  further promote educational activities in the less privileged coastal district.

It is to be specified that through the project, USAID will invest Rs. 16 million and 76 thousand to initiate 15 reading clubs (7 in Girls’ schools and 7 in Boys’ schools), 3 main libraries. To draw out the capacity and talent among the students, there will be different competitions and activities carried out as well through the project.

Apart from training mainly the teachers of lower grades, there will be a specific investment of Rs. 0.6 million from the funds to purchase books for libraries, furniture and other educational materials.

The chairman Abid rahim Surabhi, doctor Lal Jan project manager, Shay Abdul Salam headmaster Yaqoab Nashad Shambay Ismail school Gwadar Noor-Ul-Ameen  headmaster of Pishokan , president of RCDC Kudabuksh, vice president, Nasir rahim surabhi  district education officer  Mohammad Jan addressed the attendees during that program.

Published in The Balochistan Point on March 15, 2016

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