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Higher Education system requires to be improved as per international standard

By: Engineer Saeed Jattak

Education is one of the foremost necessary symptoms of development in any sector. The powerful countries are identified with their educational control. It is education that transmits illumination in dark horrible conditions that allow to think and shape someone’s thoughts in creative and innovative ways. The quality of education may bring many revolutionary changes in the social, economic and infrastructural zone. The quality education depends upon the educational policies, reform, quality assurance, research, and development.

There is distinctive strategy used to examine the rankings of institutions in advanced or higher education which have been positioned based on different variables. Rankings have regularly been led by magazines, papers, sites, governments, or scholastics. Different rankings think about combinations of proportions of financing and blessing, examine magnificence as well as impact, specialization skill, affirmations, understudy alternatives, grant numbers, internationalization, graduate business, mechanical linkage, verifiable notoriety, and other criteria. Different rankings for the most part assessing on institutional yield by research.

According to the new University ranking by THE (The Time Higher Education) World University Ranking 2019 has released 1250 University ranking. Fortunately, Pakistan’s three University has been ranked in 1000 Universities respectively 601-800 COMSATS University Islamabad, 801-1000 University of Agriculture, Faisalabad and 801-1000 National University of Sciences and Technology. As compared to Pakistan, India secured a good position having listed 33 Universities from India is within 1000 Universities, the ranking starting from 251-300. It’s a huge difference when it comes to comparison among the South Asian Countries, Pakistan is facing a weak educational system. No any University from Balochistan, Sindh, and KPK is listed among the 1000 international universities ranked.  Higher Education Commission has failed to bring any change in the education system.

Quality advanced education is a fountain of extraordinary potential for the financial and social improvement of the nation. The most imperative factor influencing generally higher education position is the administration show being executed at seats of higher learning. Immense abnormalities have been seen amid late arrangements of bad habit Vice Chancellors in the Universities crosswise over Pakistan. Evidently, either the legislature is uninformed or intentionally delegating Vice Chancellors who don’t suit the criteria.

Universities everywhere throughout the world perform two essential capacities: teaching/instruction and research. All prestigious and tenable international ranking frameworks in the world are surveyed and assessed through their capacity of delivering quality research material which contributes roughly about 75% to 85% its general score.

An assessment of our Universities, in view of the basis of the above perspectives, demonstrate that our instructive institutions / organizations are just constrained to showing foundations, with generally less consideration given to research. There are no new creations and invention from our institutions, nor are we joining any new research work on a national or international. A negligible measure of research which is done is educational in nature and doesn’t efficiently add to the improvement of the general public.

Our higher education system is more stressing on quantity rather than asking for quality, instructing the researchers to create extra publications, regardless of keeping a close look at the excellence of the research objects. This results in one of the prime causes, as to why no longer a single studies journal in the scientific, medical and engineering fields has received global appreciation and exposure.

There must be proper funding along with all required facilities be provided to the scholars and more focus on the area of research to enhance the quality assurance. The policy maker, stakeholder must bring a clear policy and tactic to build a strong higher education system and resolve these all issues for the betterment of competitive institutional hierarchy.

Published in The Balochistan Point on December 20, 2018

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