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Human Rights Violation and Preservation

Hayan Notezai

I am living in a country where rights of every living being are violated. Where social, economical and general justice is not available, where basic human rights are neglected and where drops of water have enslaved the social animals.

Human rights have been a harsh, heated and prevailing topic of national and international history, human rights have come into existence to be violated and breached. Every aspect of history depicts a dark picture of human rights; our history is full of human suffrage and grievance.

Human is a respected and revered unit of society, it has some rights, goals and desires to live for and exert, humanity is the name of its rights, governance, monarchies and various treaties have been signed a bail, liability and witness to protect the basic human rights and end social inequality and injustice but these have done none, these treaties have been violated and human were and are the slaves of slaves.

it’s for as basic human rights are concerned, every man and woman speak, speculate and deliberate, read, earn, wear etc. Human beings can’t count their rights but how many of these are preserved and granted is surprising thought to be thought and question to be asked.

Governments have come to protect social rights and state sovereignty. We give vote for election to any candidate that he could defend and protect our basic rights.

Democracy is supported nationally, internationally and regionally because its shows good picture of preserving human rights, but it has failed to grant and protect basic human rights in an unconscious and unaware society. Presently people are in boats without any target, without thoughts because in a democratic society people without consciousness and awareness are blind and ignorant of mind.

Wars, conflicts and disputes come into prevalence for two reasons, one is the violation and second is the preservation of basic human rights, win in wars is the preservation and defeat or retreat in wars are violation of human rights.

Every nation knows very well about its rights and if a nation gets defeats then the winner will form its own social structure and whatever the winner does is the first principal violation of social and human rights. Therefore the history of humanity is based on violation of human rights, history shows and teaches us lesson for preservation of human rights but when lesson learning comes we become deaf, dumb and blind.

Before x nation violated the y nation rights but now in democracy and monarchies the nation rights are being violated by same nation with hands of few.

Poverty is not our right bur we are having it, illiteracy is not our right but we are having it, killing, kidnapping and migration are not our rights but we are doing these. As for as human rights violation is concerned in Asia and in middle east, the people of these areas are the most evil people from the human rights violation. Unluckily a large number of people are dying due to poverty, no food to eat and nothing to drink which has compelled the humans to commit suicide. Suicide is not our right but it is the right of our leaders who can’t grant the rights, who can’t bring equality and prosperity.

Violation of human rights is in the luck of humanity and every century has hidden stories of violation of human rights, times are going but rights are not granted, days are going but poverty is not controlled, years are passing but clean water is not available, even centuries have gone but violation of human rights are still in every red and black zone.

Published in The Balochistan Point on August 29, 2015

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the author and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them.

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