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Ignoring education sectors

By: Shayhak Nazir Jusaki

The world believes that education is the backbone of a nation. It plays a vital role to builds someone or something. Without it a man is considered nothing, while one opens the history of the world, then we come to know that how the people passed their lives thousands year ago. Absolutely, they were in the dark about the wonderful world. We watch those people eating uncooked food, walking barefooted, living shelter less, behaving rudely, thinking pessimistically and we find them engrossed in those activities which a modern fool disgust for him or her.

At present the world seems totally changed because of the science and technology. Unfortunately, the country in which we live is facing hundreds or thousands trials and tribulation, among those the front lines problems are crimes against women, fiats to develop and rising poverty.

It is fair to state that education in a field can plays its role wonderfully. The government seems fail to make it free and common for everyone in the country, as a result, so for the country remained under developed in the world of science and technology. Due to not making it free and common, the country is failed to develop. However, Pakistan is the 7th populated country in the world, with lowest literacy rate in south and west Asian countries. In 1998, the literacy rate of Pakistan was just 46.6 percent and the latest literacy rate shown by PSL, it was 53 percent, which appears so less for the country likes Pakistan.

As a result of not making the literacy rate high, Pakistan is counted among the lowest literacy rate’s countries. Above all, the education sector is being provided less amount of its GDD and 60% of the GDP is being given spent on defame, the rest of the 40 percent GDP is being to other fields. In this regard the country is not developed well. Although, without education it looks so hard for a country to develop, the concern authorities are turning a blind eye on this sector. Therefore, because of the ignorant of education Pak seems fail to flourish. In fact, education is the only recourse by which a nation can get rid of poverty.

However, the lack of education is being the cause of rising poverty in the country. It is not surprising that without being educated one can’t obtain a comfortable job. However, I do agree with the governor of Khalid Maqbool who reported on Dawn in which he said “Education is only answer to eliminate poverty”. The fact remains is that, in Pakistan the no percent of the population are living below poverty line. It shows that, by the lack of education, a large number of populations are below poverty line. Thus, it is very clear that, the lack of education is becoming the cause of rising poverty.

                              Published in The Balochistan Point on August 19, 2016

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