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Improvement Af-Pak Relations Must For Economic Prosperity

Hanif Dilmurad

Karachi – Improvement in Pak-Afghan relations is must for economic prosperity of both countries, said participants of an event held in Marriot hotel Karachi, on Friday.

“Civil society consultation: resetting Pak-Afghan relations: quest for peace and stability” event was held at Marriott Hotel Karachi by Pakistan Peace Coalition (PPC) and Center for Social Change (CSC).

Huma Baqahi, a renowned analyst, said “Pak-Afghan relations have not been good from the day one, but it is necessary for policy makers to realize the importance of cordial relations with neighbors”. She added, “After Peshawar carnage thinking of establishment has changed, but we have failed in making a policy shift.

Aimal Khan, professor of Peshawar University, said “Afghanistan has changed, Mob lynching victim Farkhunda’s coffin was lifted by women but here in Pakistan women can’t do that”. Professor Aimal emphasized on the need of restoring trade activity between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Fehmida Riaz, fiction writer and Urdu poet, read her paper on Durand line in which she emphasized on historical Pak-Afghan relations and said that a line drawn by the British couldn’t divide people.”

Ejaz Khattak from Peshawar University said, “China also needs stability in Afghanistan in order to reach Gwadar through china-Pak economic Corridor.”

Javed Qazi, author and thinker said, “Without Sindh, no economic corridor can succeed.” He added “Social scientist and founder of communism, Karl Marx, also discussed Shikarpur [3rd largest city of Sindh] that means Sindh has always been an important trade center”.

Professor Touseef Ahmad said, “States make decisions based on their interests, if Pakistan can’t fulfill its commitment to china, then latter has the option of India and Iran.”

Conference ended on the note that Pakistan should change its foreign policy in line with its economic interests and develop cordial relations with all its neighbors especially Afghanistan.

Staff Report

Published in The Balochistan Point on April 25, 2015

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