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letter: Industrial incidents in Pakistan

It is very disappointing to know that in Pakistan the list of burning issues in industries is being very high. Earlier in 2014, on December, The timber market near old Haji camp in Karachi gutted. Unfortunately in this market an incident was happened which caused 250 shops, 50 warehouse and 18 residential buildings were destroyed. Moreover, in Lahore due to the fire millions of money was lost and in that 13 people lost their lives including a woman and a child. The most dangerous incident in Pakistan occurred on September, 2012 in Baldia town Karachi at Ali Enterprises factory. In which 259 workers lost their including women and youngsters. Because the door was locked inside the factory and they were not having any option to come out from the factory. Despite these all human loss, still Industrial Development Authority is not taking action and not doing any effort to control such incidents which are being the causes of death of hundreds of people.

Mehraj Altaf

Published in the Balochistan Point on August 18, 2016

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