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Innocent and peaceful people are harassed in name of search operations: BNP

QUETTA: Balochistan National Party (BNP) has condemned the arrest of innocent people in connection with hand grenade attacks.

According to BNP, Search operations are nothing more than an attempt to harass the peace loving people who have nothing to do with any sabotage activity.

Security forces inadequately treat women and children during these search operations, lamented BNP leaders.

Earlier, Security forces conducted raids in Killi Kirani, Eithiad Colony, Sariab, Nawa Killi, Pashtunabad, Killi Geo and Khiljibada and arrested 80 people.

According to a security official, who talked to a newspaper on condition of anonymity, search operations were conducted after a tip off that perpetrators of hand grenade attack of 1st October were possibly hiding in those areas.

In Past, culprits have mostly never been arrested using large scale indiscriminate operations. Most of the accused arrested in previous search operations have been released.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on 3rd October, 2014.

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