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Instead of relief to the affected people, the state is creating hurdles: BRP Media Cell


Quetta:  Baloch Republican Party  (B.R.P)  has alleged that   Instead of providing relief to the affected people, the state is creating hurdles in the way of those who try to help in  earthquake hit areas. In its statement issued to media  the Baloch Republican Party  (B.R.P)  said  that the  organization’s  aid to the  earthquake hit areas  had  been stopped and  commodities in the twelve trucks were set on fire.  

According to the statement the twelve trucks of aid to the quake hit areas were stopped, and set on fire by the personnel of forces on their way in Bolan area.

“All the claims of the state officials regarding relief work in quake affected areas are nothing but efforts to confuse & stop international community and  relief organizations from entering the area where the state forces are continuously committing worst human rights violations.

Published in The Balochistan Point on September 28, 2013

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