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Journalists walked out from Balochistan Assembly

Quetta: Journalists walked out from Balochistan assembly, on Saturday, to protest the killing of 3 media personnel.

The journalists covering the Balochistan Assembly session boycotted the proceedings and staged a walk out. Journalists also organized a sit-in outside Balochistan assembly building.

In a display of apathy, the members of Balochistan assembly completely ignored the sit-in of the journalists, which lasted for over two hours.

The protesting journalists observed black day, as announced by Balochistan union of Journalists (BUJ), by wearing black armbands.

BUJ has decided to completely boycott all government events until concrete measures are taken to apprehend the killers of slain journalists.

According to sources, at least 40 journalists have been killed in Balochistan in last 6 years. Killers of not a single journalist hav been identified and apprehended so far by government of Balochistan.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on August 30, 2014.

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