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KALAT: Disconnected and poor Internet service of PTCL causes difficulties for customers

KALAT: The internet service of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has been causing hardships for customers in Kalat city, as the service remains very poor or disconnected in different areas of the city.

Regardless of consuming thousands of rupees the customers are unable to get good services of the internet. Government employees, journalists and students always express complaints against poor internet quality of PTCL in Kalat.

Talking to the Balochitan Point a number of customers complained that internet service always remained poor or disconnected. “Whenever the PTCL office Kalat is informed or complaints are filed so they term it a technical issue in the city but certainly do not overcome the matter,” they told.

 For more than 11 months all the mobile companies have suspended their internet services in kind of 4G, 3G and 2G including the EVO internet service of PTCL. Broadband of PTCL is the only source which is used to avail internet facility.

A student of Degree College Kalat on condition of anonymity said: “The only source to avail internet service is Broadband of PTCL or DSL but the PTCL authorities are not performing their responsibility. Despite informing, even requesting PTCL officials in Kalat, the technical issues are not resolved.”

 Another student Muhammad Amir said that it was creating troubles for students and researchers who rely on DSL and EVO internet service of PTCL in preparing for examination and researches. An employee of social sector also criticized on unsatisfactory internet access in Kalat and  

When contacted the PTCL office about disconnected internet service at some areas in Kalat city, they termed it technical issues as usual.

PTCL is the only internet service provider in all districts of Balochistan; however, the customers are seen unconvinced with the provided services.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on January 09, 2018


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