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Kech: The decision of Election Commission Goes against Ex- MPA

Shoaib Durrazai

Kech: Finally Election Commission of Pakistan (ECOP) has announced regarding PB-50 Kech to conduct re-poll in the following five constituency of Mand.  The decision of Election Commission has gone against Ex- MPA.

 According to ECP sources, the commission will hold re-polls at five polling stations; the five polling stations include 27- Bullo, 28- Mulla Chath, 29-Jathju,  31-Talamb , 42-Machath.

PB-50 covers Tump, Mand and Dasht areas.  It was mostly known as a strong hold of BNP- Awami where mostly BNP Awami won the contests and also a red zone due to security situation.

As a consequence of uncertain situation in the constituency Balochistan National Party- Awami did not take part in May, 2013 general election.  National Party’s Kuhda Akram Dashti and Haji Akbar Askani of Pakistan Muslim League (N) were the two strong candidates for PB-50 in 2013 general election.

PMLN member Haji kbar Askani won PB-50 seat with 1385 votes in general election of 2013. However, he was disqualified when Khuda Akram Dashti opposed result and challenged his victory in Balochistan High Court, after being disqualified court had announced for re-election in PB-50. 
Haji Akbar Askani’s, victory was again challenged when he won the reelection in January 2016.

Once again Khuda Akram Dashti challenged ex-MPA victory in ECOP and finally ECOP has announced for re-polling. The constituencies which have been announced for re polling are the main constituency of Haji Akbar Askani.

Published in The Balochistan Point on March 29, 2016

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