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Khosa Goth Kun Bela City Without a Proper Primary Boys School


MB Khosa

Despite being the city union, Khosa Goth Kun Bela City is deprived of a proper primary school for boys. The boys Primary School has countless missing facilities for instance; electricity, boundary walls, toilets and access of
drinking water. It has a broken ceiling which can fall anytime on the students.

More than 67 children from the village are studying at the school under only two teachers. The weather conditions are not suitable for the students to be sitting outside but there is no other way hence the students have to face harsh temperatures because there is no one to care. During summers, the scorching sun and heat waves make it hard for the students to even attend classes whereas in the freezing cold of winter, the students sit outside with shivering hands.

In these conditions, Parents of the students are concerned for their children’s safety but they can do nothing to help. The present school building was constructed about 40 years ago in the northern side of the village and now it is about to fall part.

School teachers, parents, other villagers and I forwarded several letters to the education department demanding the reconstruction of school building but none of the letters was responded. In the 21th century where people around the world are planning to walk on other planets, our people are merely demanding for a school building and other basic facilities for a school which they are yet not getting.

To help the students, I as a responsible citizen took the initiative to start giving free tuition classes to children and let them know that education is the only hope that can bring a difference in the village. If government is not ready to work on basic necessities, educated citizens have the responsibility to take initiative. People from little villages have gone a long way and did unexpected miracles; this is what I say to the students that nothing should hinder them for success. This initiative has helped many children to continue their education and dreams despite challenges.

Published in The Balochistan Point on April 28, 2018

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