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Lack of facilities at Kech Teaching Hospital  

By: Nawaz Ellahi

District Kech is the divisional headquarter of Mekran Division and Kech Teaching Hospital is the second biggest hospital of Balochistan province which a huge crowded. People of Gawader and Panjgur come for the treatment and it is mandatory here to mention that District Kech is the second biggest District of Balochistan according to population.

An employee on condition of anonymity told the scribe that there were lack of basic first Aid materials and medicines such as bandages, drips, pyodine, gauze, syringes and even oxygen gas are not available there. Astonishingly, most of these things barely cost Rs20.

There is an acute shortage of qualified doctors, particularly lady doctors. In today’s world when specialization has become common and essential, there are not any doctors in the hospital with a FCPS/MCPS or its equivalent international qualification. The doctors and supporting staff do absentees regularly and come late owing to negligence of Medical Superintendent. In the recent past, the people are infected to dengue virus and more than 1500 people got affected and ten passed away due to dengue virus.

Furthermore, the district Administration is failed to spray in district Kech as a reason dengue is spreading in entire district Kech and the District Hospital Turbat lacks health facility, the patients do not get treated properly and they are compelled to travel to Karachi for proper treatment and the destitute people cannot afford to go to Karachi for further treatment and it is fundamental right of the citizens to get their basic rights bestowed in constitution of Pakistan 1973.

The laboratory and blood bank do not have the fundamental facilities; however, the people of the area have been demanding a well-equipped laboratory and blood bank for a long time but to no avail.

Howbeit, Shakil Ahmed Zamurani, Senior Advocate of Kech has filed a constitution petition before the High Court of Balochistan Turbat Bench for unavailability of the fundamental equipment and substances and the High admitted the petition and the concerned official were called to show their presence in forthcoming session.

The Chief Minister Balochistan and concerned authorities have to take prompt action to provide facilities to Teaching Hospital Turbat because it is the only governmental hospital in the city, which is extremely crowded.

Published in The Balochistan Point on April 8, 2020



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