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Lady Councilor Of BNP Killed By Police Firing In Gwadar

Quetta – A lady councilor of Balochistan National Party (BNP) was killed in Gwadar district when police fired to disperse the protesters, reported Express Tribune.

According to Express Tribune report, People were protesting outside the house of a policeman in Juna Line area of Ormara Tehsil. The reason of the protest is shrouded in mystery and it’s not known with certainty that why the people were protesting.

Police fired in the air to disperse the protestors and three people were wounded as a result of the aerial firing.

Gul Nisa Sameer, Lady Councilor of BNP was among the injured and later on she succumbed to injuries.

Blank shots were fired by policeman according to Express tribune. However it’s hard to believe this claim as it has come most probably from the police itself.

BNP is the leading party in Gwadar local government elections. BNP leaders in the past have alleged that government machinery is being used to convert their majority into minority.

“This is a case of political assassination and a full-fledged inquiry should be launched into the matter and perpetrators brought to justice,” demanded a concerned citizen while talking to The Balochistan Point.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on January 16, 2015

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