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Learning Vision Center (LVC) Kalat, where learning is joyful experience

By: Sayyed Farooq Shah

Learning Vision Center (LVC) is one of the most famous and the brilliant academies of Kalat. This academy was established Nov 14, 2014 in Kalat and since its inception it has been serving the people of Kalat by starting various educational functions. LVC has proved to be successful in a very short period. Moreover, this Academy is educating and guiding the people in their studies at an easy approach. The services in kind of English language classes, Computer literacy and coaching classes in different subjects have given it a unique status in Kalat. Thus, this academy has been serving the people and has proved to be a successful academy.

The Vision of the academy is to serve the whole community and wants all students to enjoy and benefit from education. Its vision is to provide a safe, happy and creative place where excellent behavior, hard work and ambitious academic standards have high-quality. The founders this institute aim to create opportunities for all students and children to grow in self-belief and express their individual views and thoughts without hesitation to contribute in making of an educated and skillful nation and a prosperous society.

Sayyed Shukat Ali Shah, the founder of LVC and current director of the launched this academy to educate the students in a conduce atmosphere and create opportunities for the students to promote their creativity and self-confidence. The instructors in the academy build up the skills of the students and encourage their hidden talents.

LVC serves a richly diverse community in Kalat. It serves the people by providing a good atmosphere to get education. This academy creates opportunities for the students to build up their skills and self-confidence. Moreover, it provides opportunities to the students to practice their skills and build up an educated and skillful nation.

Learning Vision Academy has succeeded in its many objectives. It has achieved great success in Kalat.  Its great achievement is the promotion of education and making a skillful class in the Kalat. Numerous students are serving in different educational institutions after completing their learning from Learning Vision Academy Kalat.

 The staff members of the academy are very honest and sincere in their duty. They always perform their valuable services to get the objectives of the academy. They do not hesitate from any kind of hardship and offer their services at any time. They are very hopeful to achieve the goals of the academy. Their great efforts have highly contributed in the success of the academy.

It is a well-developed observation about LVC that it is educating the students according to the needs of the modern age and its valuable services cannot be denied because of its great services.

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 8, 2018

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