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Letter: Avoiding harassment through gender studies

There can be many other major and minor root causes of barbaric attack on women’s identities but whatever girls are encountering in educational institutions is an obvious dilemma of males, not knowing the ethical, socio-culture and religious principles on females’ identity. Therein, the educational academies the dichotomy of equality-differences are often hierarchies in obscure side of unlikeness. That can lead to a dangerous predicament. To avoid such havoc, the university and other educational institutions may bring in the women studies and gender studies programme to bring out a distinct academic discipline which may stand as the cusp of several controversies and give an idea of understanding the Gender dimensions at a large level.

Alike China in 2000, India in 1970s and Hong Kong in 1997 established inter-faculty programme in the various departments to contribute to the disciplinary teaching and to advancement of feminism. Certain steps can come up with the grate deal to equity  for both masculine and feminine.

Asif Hassan Jan, Hub Chowki.

 Published in The Balochistan Point on November 3, 2019

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